Stay invisible until you want to be seen.


It’s all about privacy.

Spotd is a location-based application that allows friends to locate each other via permission requests. Friends have the option to share their location or keep it invisible.


It’s Friday night and you want to see where your friends are – send them a Spotd request! When they accept, their location will immediately appear on your map.

How to use Spotd.

Press the button to locate your friends See what's going on
Select friends on your list and send them a Spotd request. Select everyone by pressing 'Anyone Around'.
Foursquare pinpoints your exact location. Select a location so friends know exactly where you are.
Show your spot to accept a request and share locations. Expired tabs will become inactive but are still visible for you to see.
Stop searching by tapping the center icon. Friends appear once users accept your request  or you accept theirs!

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